Fèis Ìle 2024 ~ Wednesday 29th May

Join us at the distillery to enjoy our festival events, with a taste of our newly-released whisky

Book your festival tasting, and reserve a bottle of the Ardnahoe Fèis '24 release

When you book the Ardnahoe Tasting below, you also have the opportunity at checkout to reserve a bottle of our Ardnahoe Fèis '24 release.

This reservation itself is free - it means that we will hold a bottle for you to purchase separately at retail price on the day at the distillery.

Reserved bottles must be purchased on the day by the person to whom the reservation was allocated, whilst physically at the distillery. Unfortunately we won't be able to hold any bottles beyond the 29th May, all reservations are non-transferable, and we will be unable to send bottles by post. Any reserved bottles unclaimed at the end of the day will be allocated to other customers.

Ardnahoe Tasting ~ Fèis '24

Price : £75

Time : 10.00am start, two hours duration

A rare opportunity to get behind the scenes before our doors open to the public at 12pm.

Join the Laing family along with our distillery manager Fraser Hughes, for a tasting of six different Ardnahoe expressions giving you a sneak preview of things to come; as well as some very special entertainment for you during the tasting.

Don't forget to reserve your Fèis '24 bottle at checkout.

For group bookings, we will make every effort to ensure that you can all sit together.

Please note that for designated Special Events such as this we may not be able to offer refunds if you cancel your booking. You can see our full T&Cs here.

The Spirit of Ardnahoe Tour ~ Fèis '24

Price : £12

Duration : 45 minutes

Explore the creation of Ardnahoe’s Spirit where modern design works in perfect harmony with traditional techniques & equipment. Hear our story so far and take in the spectacular surroundings. End your tour in our bespoke dramming area with a dram of our Inaugural Release and a glass to take home.

Operator's Tour ~ Fèis '24

Price : £25

Duration : 1 hour

Enjoy an in-depth tour of the Ardnahoe production facilities with one of our experienced process operators.

Hear our story so far and take in the spectacular surroundings.

End your tour in our bespoke dramming area with drams of our Inaugural Release and our Feis '24 bottling, and a glass to take home.