The Ardnahoe Inaugural Release

The first Single Malt Whisky of Ardnahoe Distillery. Available to buy now.

The Journey

In 2015, several of us stood in an empty field in the north-east corner of Islay and saw the inherent potential of the area. The land, the water, and the view – everything pointed to it being the perfect location to build the first new distillery on the island in over a decade. A distillery that respected the unrivalled history and tradition of the island, whilst bringing a fresh eye and new perspective to whisky-making there.

None of us realised, however, quite how much work we had in front of us to make that vision become a reality. From design and construction, to hosting and distilling - the distillery that exists today is the product of the labour of literally hundreds of people over the last nine years. All of them have left their mark on it in some way. Although much work has already been done, the journey is only just beginning.



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