Accessibility Guide

Accessibility & general information about our facilities for visitors

Entrance & front desk

Accessible parking is available next to the distillery entrance. The path from the car park to the distillery is tarmac with a slight incline in places.

The minimum path width is about 1.5m.

The main entrance has level access.

The front doors are manually operated - staff are always available for assistance. The minimum door width is 840mm.

Reception, shop area & toilet facilities

The reception & shop area has a level smooth concrete floor. There are some armchairs available for seating.

The front desk has a low section, and is lit by ceiling spotlights as well as natural light.

There is a unisex accessible toilet, and also additional customer toilets.

There is no hearing loop fitted.

The Spirit of Ardnahoe Tour

Tour Start

Ardnahoe Distillery is a working industrial production unit - the facilities are often noisy. There is no hearing loop fitted throughout.

The start area of the tour has low lighting.

Tour information is available in various languages via a QR code scannable by visitors' smartphones.

The Spirit of Ardnahoe Tour

Mash House & Tun Room

Floors are flat throughout the tour area of production facilities.

All doors are manually operated with a minimum width of 900mm. Your tour guide will be able to assist.

The floor surface in the mill house, mash house and tun room is rubber mat over steel. The floor of the stillhouse mezzanine is wooden.

The Spirit of Ardnahoe Tour

Still House & Worm Tubs

At the end of the tour, the floor at the worm tubs is open-mesh steel grille tread, and may not be suitable for carriages or wheelchairs. Your tour guide will be able to assist you.

Please note that this is not suitable for high heels.

The Spirit of Ardnahoe Tour

Tour End & Drams

The tour dram tasting area has low lighting.

Low-backed dining chairs are available for seating.