The Ardnahoe Virtual 3D Tour

A snapshot from the virtual tour - click the embedded media below to interact

An interactive tour of our distillery and shop

We’re very proud to be able to offer you a 3D virtual tour of Ardnahoe!

You can walk round the visitor centre, the warehouse, and also the main areas of spirit production – and you can visit our online shop by clicking on various items tagged on the virtual shelves, including a range of fine whiskies from Hunter Laing.

Note ~ You need WebGL enabled in your browser to use the 3D tour. See the technical notes below the media in case of any issue.

System requirements to use the 3D Virtual Tour

Your browser needs to have WebGL enabled. Android and iOS are usually OK; also Microsoft Edge and Chrome. Some browser-specific notes are as follows:

  • Chrome. Type chrome://settings into the omnibar. Press Enter. Search for hardware acceleration and enable it. Optional: Go to chrome://flags and enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" and "WebGL 2.0 Prototype". (Not necessary for most users).
  • Safari. In the top menu bar, go to Safari > Preferences > Security. In "Web content" section check the "Allow WebGL" box. Refresh the page. If you have Safari 11 or newer, when you visit a website that requires WebGL for the first time, you should be asked if you want to trust it. For more info, please see Apple's help page.
  • Firefox. Type about:config into the URL bar. Press Enter. Search for webgl.disabled. Double click to make sure it is set to false.