A Message from Jim McEwan

After acquiring the site of Ardnahoe, Stewart Laing requested the assistance of Jim McEwan, a renowned distiller and figure in the scotch whisky industry, in the building of Ardnahoe Distillery and the spirit created within it.

Jim believed this was an offer he could not refuse, an offer too good to be true and he accepted it with pride.

The knowledge Jim has acquired over the years in the industry was used to assist in the design of each step of the whisky making process, including the design of the pot stills and mash tun, thus producing an incredible classic Islay malt.

Jim beams with pride over the new distillery and the incredible spirit that will is being produced, suggesting it will be one of the best ever. The Ardnahoe spirit is heavily peated, with beautiful fruity and floral notes.

He discusses the privilege it was to be a part of such a significant project, and wishes the family all the luck with the ongoing development of Ardnahoe.