Ardnahoe Fèis Ìle Programme 2019

Official Ardnahoe Fèis Ìle Programme – Available for booking soon, keep your eyes on our social media platforms for updates!

The Spirit of Ardnahoe

Explore the creation of Ardnahoe’s Spirit, where modern design works in perfect harmony with traditional techniques and equipment.  Hear our story so far whilst you take in the spectacular surroundings.  Complete your tour in our bespoke dramming area with a taste and glass to take home.

This experience includes an in-depth tour of Ardnahoe Distillery’s production areas as well as an Ardnahoe tour glass and one dram.  Drivers drams available on request.

Dram Quartet

Sample four, favorite drams specially selected by the Ardnahoe team.  Hear of the selector’s own interpretation of their chosen whisky and their experience so far in Ardnahoe Distillery.

This experience includes a hosted tasting of four drams.  Drivers drams available on request.

Kill Devil Rum Experience

Taste the Caribbean and Pacific sunshine, right here on Islay as we discover the wild and colourful history of rum with our aged, single cask Kill Devil Rum expressions.

This experience includes a hosted tasting of four drams.  Drivers drams available on request.

A Journey through the Regions

Take a journey through Scotland’s whisky regions.  Sample five drams from a selected range of single cask bottlings, all from Hunter Laing’s extensive stocks.  Your host will guide you through the individual characteristics of each whisky region and the unique distillation processes that create their spirit.

This experience includes a hosted tasting of five drams.  Drivers drams available on request.

Tastes of Ardnahoe

Taking place in our Kinship Room our head chef, Jacalyn, will indulge your palate with perfect pairings from ‘Islay’s Larder,’ including food samples from the land, sea and farm combined with a range of drams from our Hunter Laing single cask bottlings.  Open your taste buds and experience the new flavors and aromas this combination brings to the fore.

This experience includes a hosted tasting with five drams alongside five food samples containing meat and fish.  This is not suitable for vegetarians, lactose intolerants or those with nut allergies.  Samples can be made gluten-free with two weeks advanced notice.  Drivers drams available on request. 

Fraser Hughes: The Manager’s Experience

Become acquainted with our Distillery Manager, Fraser Hughes, as he takes you through the traditional yet modern processes of Ardnahoe’s production followed by a nosing and tasting experience in our atmospheric, bonded Warehouse No.1.

This experience includes a distillery tour followed by a tasting of four single cask bottlings hosted by our distillery manager.  Drivers drams available on request.

Jim Whitelaw: The Cooper’s Experience

Experience the traditional trade of Coopering with Jim Whitelaw as he demonstrates his skills and expert craftmanship in constructing and repairing casks.  Learn of casks anatomy and the importance they have in producing particular flavors within our whisky in years to come.

This experience includes a demonstration and education in Cooper-works as well as the opportunity to participate in building a cask.

Experience our Heritage

This exclusive tasting through some of Scotland’s most historic distilleries includes five carefully selected, aged expressions straight from Hunter Laing’s stocks of fine, single cask whisky.  Your host will delve into the heritage of Scotch whisky whilst you appreciate this collection of truly rare and sought-after drams, within the comfortable surroundings of The Kinship Room.

This experience includes a hosted tasting of five old and rare, exclusive drams.  Drivers drams available on request.


Ardnahoe Distillery is an all abilities access distillery.

Please be aware that the production areas throughout the distillery contain working equipment with sudden loud noises.

Enjoy Responsibly

Ardnahoe Distillery advocates a responsible drinking policy.  Drivers drams are available on all experiences and water is widely available.

Please ask a member of our team if you require further information or assistance.