Ardnahoe Distillery

Dear Friends,

We’ve left it far too long since our last newsletter and for that we apologise. The truth is, however, that progress has been so rapid at the site over the last few months that the newsletter would essentially have been out of date by the time it reached you. Things are beginning to level out a little though, so we thought now might be a good time for an update.

On any one day right now we might have 60 -70 workers on site. They are all employees from a variety of different contractors, working on different aspects of the distillery. Basically, everything is getting worked on. Inside, our efforts are mainly focused on erecting the secondary steel for the flooring in the production side of the building, as well as putting up the internal block walls throughout the building. This is in addition to the ongoing mechanical and electrical work taking place.

Outside you might notice from the photos that the exterior cladding is going up (due to be finished in a few weeks) and the slaters will shortly be clambering all over the pagoda roof.

One aspect of the distillery that isn’t too well known is the fact that we are permitted to discharge our effluent straight into the sea via a pipe. Because the Sound of Islay has such fast moving currents, the discharge from Ardnahoe will dissipate very quickly, causing no environmental harm. It also means that there will be one less truck ploughing up and down the winding road to us. Just one more reason why we are so fortunate to have this amazing site.

So, that’s where we are just now. And having received one newsletter from us, you will very shortly be receiving another. Although the distillery won’t be open in time for the festival this year, we will certainly be taking part, and we’ll be announcing our plans imminently.


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